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Las Vegas Handyman offers an exceptional approach to getting the right talent to repair your home or business!

Based on the information you provide thru the “Get a Quote,” system we will match you with a handyman who can provide you with a solid cost quote that will best fit your needs. Our network of handyman is strong tested and continuing to grow.

If you have repairs that need immediate attention then our “handyman” willoffer the best cost effective solutions to help meet those needs. You will receive quick separate quotes from Las Vegas Handymanfrom our growing network of talented people with cost and availability from which you can choose.

Although all of our Las Vegas Handyman will receive your ‘Get a Quote,” you will have the option to contact our “FEATURED HANDYMAN IMMDEIATLY” for service.

Here’s How it works:

  • Click “GET a QUOTE”
  • Complete a short, safe & secure email with the repairs needed.
  • Then just hit send and this email will be sent to our entire network of Las Vegas Handyman.
  • Then, you will be sent the details of the “GET a QUOTE” form.

Please review all of the “GET A QUOTE” returnsand make sure you understand the terms of the work being offered to you. Now you can contact the quotes you feel are best with what you are looking for.  No hassles no obligation. It’s that easy!

With Las Vegas Handyman there are mostly Handyman Services but should you need a larger job, don’t worry. Las Vegas Handyman also refers general and specialty contractors are available and waiting to serve you with new construction as well.

No Job Too Big or Too Small!

Easier than ever to get the affordable help you need.

Our Major Area of Expertise

Bathroom Repairs

Carpentry Services

Floor Refinishing

Chimney Repairs

Air Conditioning / Heating

Computer Repairs

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Checkout our Variety of Services

Let My Contractor Referral Service, LLC find a contractor for you and give you the peace of mind

Checkout our Variety of Services

When a contractor comes to your door to work on your home, near your family, or in your business, they have been PRE-QUALIFIED.

Deck Repairs

Electrical Repairs

Carpet Cleaning

Furniture Repairs

House Cleaning

Kitchen Repairs

Las Vegas Handyman

Working with pre-screened contractors can help alleviate the stress, conflict, hassle and uncertainty that regularly occurs when working with contractors

Las Vegas Featured Handyman

Carpentry ~ Repair decks,porches,doors,cabinets and fences, etc.

Painting, Staining & Drywall ~ Painting of small projects, deck cleaning & sealing, drywall & plaster repair, etc.

Electrical ~ Install or repair switches,outlets,fixtures, fans, etc.

Misc. ~ pool maintenance,junk removal,tile repair,child proofing, weatherstripping,assembly, etc.

Plumbing & Sprinklers ~ Repair faucets, fixtures, pipes, lawn, etc.

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